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Envirotab for Cleaning 25 x 20g tablets/pail

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Envirotab 20g tablets are the perfect means of creating bulk solutions (5 qts -5 gal for 400ppm to 100ppm, respectively) for refilling quart bottles of a cleaning and deodorizing ClO2 solution that enhances the performance of microfiber cloths and mops, becoming a SUPER deodorizer as well as a quick and easy mold & mildew stain remover - all in a solution that is 10X more powerful than bleach WITHOUT any of the normal negative byproducts.

Envirotab is the perfect product for securing a "complete clean" on environmental surfaces, achieving these important ends: 

  • Enhancing the performance of microfiber
  • Quickly blasting through the scum [biofilm] created by surface bacteria
  • Dismantling the structure of organic soils 
  • Naturally eliminating odors while you clean
  • Leaving NO soil-attracting residue behind after cleaning

...while coming in a convenient assortment of tablet sizes that always provide you with the right size for the task:

  • 1g tablets for creating 100ppm in 1 Qt or Liter of water - for general purpose cleaning.
  • 4g tablets for creating 400ppm in 1 Qt or Liter of water, or 100ppm in 1 Gallon of water - for mold, mildew and odor control.
  • 10g tablets for creating 100ppm in 2.5 gallons of water for pump sprayers, or 50ppm in 5 gallons for mopping solutions. 
  • 20g tablets for creating a highly effective deodorizing tool for unoccupied spaces.

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